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3-D Cover for Big Leadership Ideas: From the Locker Room to the Boardroom

"A must-read for those who want to improve their leadership skills." --- ForemostPress.com

Five Stars - A must for those who want to think big

Leading a company to major profits and leading them to a sports championship are not all that different. "Big Leadership Ideas: From the Locker Room to the Boardroom" is a guide for business leaders who want to transform their athletics field experience into business room leadership. With advice on evaluating one's status, realizing what can be done, and how to choose wisely and execute wisely, "Big Leadership Ideas" is a must for those who want to think big, but what to avoid being delusional.

Midwest Book Review

Paul Thornton has done it again! He has followed his extremely practical Best Leadership Advice I Ever Got with this insightful little gem of a leadership manual, a text that is, indeed, chock full of big ideas. His books more than deliver on the promise of their intriguing titles. I recommend Big Ideas to all leaders, no matter how many (or few) their followers.

James O'Toole, author of The Executive's Compass, Leading Change, and co-author (with Warren Bennis and Daniel Goleman) of Transparency: How Leaders Create a Culture of Candor

"Discover the possibilities for you, your team, and your organization in this great book of Big Leadership Ideas by Paul B. Thornton."

Marshall Goldsmith, executive coach and NYT and WSJ #1 bestselling author of What Got You There Won't Get You There

"Big Leadership Ideas is engaging, entertaining, and has Paul's leadership message spread throughout. It's a great read because of the personal experiences he shares."

David Cottrell, President, CornerStone Leadership Institute


Big Leadership Ideas is the story of Paul Thornton's journey from hockey player to coach to leader. His journey started when his Aunt Ruth and Uncle Gene took him to the local pond for his first experience on skates. Hockey was everything he had imagined…exciting, fast-paced, frustrating, challenging…but, at the same time, lots of fun. During his junior year in high school he was elected team co-captain and experienced his first leadership role. In prep school he played for and observed one of the top coaches in New England. During his college years he gained new insights about leadership from Paul Hersey, his favorite professor, and from his teammates. The burning question Paul continuously sought to answer was—What do the top coaches do to bring out the best in people and build great teams?

At age 27, he was hired to be the varsity hockey coach at American International College. Now he faced the challenge of coaching and leading 22 hockey players—building them into a high performing team. Like any journey there were successes and setbacks. The story within the story involves his dinner dates, leadership discussions, and ultimate decision to marry MJ. Throughout the book Paul reveals his views of effective leadership. He focuses on the four steps all leaders must take to make a difference.

  • See what is (current reality)
  • Discover what's possible
  • Describe what's possible (your vision)
  • Pursue what's possible

Whether you've coached a hockey team, been a Cub Master, a project manager or a CEO, you've had experiences similar to those he shares. His "Possibilities Model" provides a clear view of the big dots you need to connect to become a successful leader. As you apply his leadership model, you will gain insights into your leadership strengths as well as areas that may need improving.

David Cottrell, President CornerStone Leadership Institute, states, "Big Leadership Ideas is engaging, entertaining, and has Paul's leadership message spread throughout. It's a great read because of the personal experiences he shares."

Read, learn and enjoy the game!



"A great leadership guide to keep on your desk, so you can refer to it frequently!" --- ForemostPress.com

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