Ron Tarrant

Drawing of Ron Tarrant

Drawing by Elise, Ron's wife

Some Of Ron's Work

Hiding from Eddie - Eddie's hand reached through the open pantry door. His eyes never left Roger. Roger heard the blade of a knife sing as Eddie yanked it from its holder. When Eddie's hand reappeared from behind the door, it was followed by twelve inches of steel. The blade gleamed blue in the moonlight. Eddie charged.

Roger fell to his left as Eddie sprawled onto the table. The knife slashed. It missed Roger by inches. He ran around the table and into the living room.

Eddie's footfalls pounded after him ...

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Reality Check - Father Troy's voice came out of the darkness. "Please stay."

John cast a worried glance over his shoulder. "Father, who is that! What's going on here?" He tried to get out of the old man's grip, but fear—or perhaps that overwhelming longing in his heart—made him weak. "Let me out!"

Then another smell assailed him. Musk. Heavy, like a bear or badger.

The door opened and a sudden bulk filled it. John looked up, impossibly up. A hair-covered face. Not fur. Hair. Hair that hung all the way down to ...

He backed away from the door until a pew stopped him. His knees buckled ...

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Ron's Credits

The Return of Mr. Hand - (stageplay) produced by Theatrespace, Vancouver (1984)

Haven of Hope - (stageplay) produced for First Vancouver Fringe Festival (1985)

Time Runner - (screenplay, co-writer) starring Mark Hamell and Rae Dawn Chong (1991)

Criss Cross the Fence - (stage-play) produced by The Bancroft Theatre Guild (2005)

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Ron Tarrant
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Ron was born in Digby, Nova Scotia and grew up in the nearby village of Bear River. Always a dreamer and seeker of adventure, after the divorce of his parents, he wanted to see what life was like "out there" in the world. At age fourteen, he convinced his mother he'd have more opportunities living with his father in Halifax.

It was in Halifax he started his career as a musician, playing bass in the house band at the Lobster Trap Cabaret, a local strip club. Music carried him west to Calgary where he played in numerous bands.

Meanwhile, he'd also been bitten by the acting bug. From high school plays and summer theatre at King's College in Halifax and finally to commercials, television and film in Calgary and Vancouver, he brought a rich life experience to roles, impressing both audiences and critics alike.

While onstage, Ron was drawn to writing, first stage-plays, then screenplays and novels. Graduated from Emily Carr University in Vancouver and Algonquin in Ottawa, he has seen the publication of two novels (Hiding from Eddie and Reality Check) as well as the production of three stage plays (The Return of Mr. Hand, Haven of Hope, and Crisscross the Fence) and a screenplay (Time Runner starring Mark Hamill and Rae Dawn Chong).

Ron currently lives in Ottawa, Ontario with his wife, Elise, and a cat named Suzie.

Ron Tarrant
Ottawa, Ontario


From The Author

As well as writing, I also enjoy acting. I'm listed in the Internet Movie Database, both as a writer and an actor.

The highlight of my acting career was playing a speaking role for one scene in Brotherly Love. The 1984 movie starred Judd Hirsch.

I also made an appearance in an episode of Lies from Lotus Land, starring Jackson Davies, Candice Bergen, Bruno Gerussi and Keanu Reeves.

Ron Tarrant

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