In His Right Mind
by Philip R. Sullivan

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    "The line that separates sanity
     from insanity and health from
     illness is sometimes hard to


In His Right Mind

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Snippet from Book

"Will you put that gun down!" Kevin heard his own voice, as if coming from somewhere else—with a firmness that stood in absolute contradiction to the shaking weakness that had suddenly grasped arms, legs, and bladder.

"Still giving orders, huh, Doc?" And the humor of that absurdity under the circumstances evidently evoked the peals of insanely snorting half-laughter that followed. "No more shit from you, Doc. No more fuckin' shit from you." A blinding flash, followed immediately by a second echoing discharge. Kevin collapsed onto the ground, searing pain in his face and a tight sensation in his chest, followed by total unconsciousness.

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About This Great Book

In His Right Mind tells the story of a man who is thrust into an adventure he never would have chosen, with a result he never could have imagined—the sort of story that is most often publicized in the case of a woman who is being threatened by a deranged lover; the sort of situation where protective-restraining orders are of no avail. In addition to the growing maelstrom of external events, this story focuses forcefully on the inner responses of its sensitively introspective protaganist, Kevin Kiley.

And as George Bernard Shaw once portrayed in his drama, The Devil's Disciple, when pushed into crisis far beyond that found in daily life, we never know what aspect of ourselves will emerge . . . until such a dire crisis actually happens to us.


From A Review

Philip R. Sullivan's novel, In His Right Mind, relates the story of Kevin Kiley, a psychiatrist who has recently performed a disability evaluation on Joe Polito, an air-traffic controller who has been on paid disability status for four years. Dr. Kiley judges that Mr. Polito continues to be disabled by his Bipolar Disorder, complicated by uncontrolled alcoholism. But—and here's the stickler—that neither condition has been caused by, or permanently aggravated by, his work.


From The Author

A story lives, or it dies, on the success of its story line. But if it lives, a story has the chance to become allegorical: to soar higher than itself; to spread more broadly than itself; to dig more deeply than itself.

This is my hope for the story of Kevin Kiley.

Philip R. Sullivan


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