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3-D Cover for Steel on Target

"Steel on Target is the thrilling sequel to Inside the Kill Box." --- ForemostPress.com

David Sweet returns in Michael Romanowski's third exciting novel, Steel On Target. Now older and wiser, Sweet finds himself back in very familiar circumstances. The troubled nation of Iraq, during a time of war, and American invasion.

Romanowski is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps. As such he is well versed on the setting of his new novel, Steel on Target. The book is meticulously researched, and events and believable characters are wrenched from the blood-seared pages of current events.

Now nearing a well-earned retirement, Sweet learns that an old friend is still alive—someone he believed had died during the events of the novel Inside the Kill Box. Amina Jabouri is as brave as she is beautiful. Unfortunately, she does not share Sweet's love of America. In point of fact, she has become dangerously radicalized, and now appears to plot with America's enemies. Sweet is assigned to bring her in, alive or otherwise. Unfortunately, things as never quite what they seem in Sweet's experience, and unseen forces move to keep them both dead and buried.

David Sweet is a flawed man, and not the typical warrior cliché found in most action yarns. Now he finds himself on one final mission—one sure to test him not only in mind and body, but in soul as well.

Steel on Target is a thrill-a-minute spectacle, depicting America's finest war-fighters on the front line of her longest war.



"Steel on Target is taut with tension. It'll get your heart racing."
--- ForemostPress.com

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