Steel on Target

A Novel

by Michael W.

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    "Steel on Target is the thrilling
     sequel to Inside the Kill Box,
     and an exciting tale of modern 
     suspense and danger."


Steel on Target

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Snippet from Book

"Go! Go! Go!"

Sweet grasped his rope, and stepped off. He felt his stomach drop out beneath him and felt the cold rain lash his body as he sped down the rope. His boots slammed into the deck atop the bridge superstructure, and he released the rope and spun his M-4 around on its sling. Other men moved into the darkness as well, keen to secure any bridge hatches that led below decks. Radar and communications aerials spun in the darkness above, and helicopter rotors purred and roared in the night.

Another team made up entirely of SEALs had been deposited on the stern. Radio chatter sounded as they too made their way forward toward the bow. Sweet saw two SEALs move forward to a small hatch in the deck and quickly lever it open. A black rectangle lay before them, complete with a ladder.

"Flash bang out." A man tossed a stun grenade into the opening, and there was a brilliant flash, and a deafening THUD. The team began to enter, one by one.

Sweet was the next up in line. He took the ladder hand over hand, moving cautiously so as to not slip and fall. Moments later he was at the bottom and standing in a dimly lit passageway carved from grey steel. Armed men moved fore and aft seeking targets.

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About This Great Book

David Sweet returns! The year is 2003 and the Iraq war is heating up once more. David Sweet thought his days on the front line were over—but now he knows that old secrets and a woman from his past will change everything. America’s enemies lurk in the shadows, true. But Sweet knows some of those enemies are supposed to be on his side. Enemies that once swore the same oaths that he did.

Steel on Target is the thrilling sequel to Inside the Kill Box.


From A Review

Romanowski is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps. As such he is well versed on the setting of his new novel, Steel on Target. The book is meticulously researched, and events and believable characters are wrenched from the blood-seared pages of current events.


From The Author

I’ve been looking forward to telling this story for a long time. My first novel, Inside the Kill Box tells the story of some pretty interesting and exciting characters. David Sweet, Amina Jabouri, and others. But there was more to tell. More adventure to be had!

Therefore, it is very satisfying to revisit these characters and situations once more. With that in mind, I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Michael W. Romanowski


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