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3-D Cover for Those Who Betray

"One of the most gripping tales to come our way in a long while. A winner for sure." --- ActionTales.com

I was up way past my bedtime last night and it is all your fault. I started reading Those Who Betray last evening and couldn't stop until it was finished.

Exciting; a true page turner. After the first paragraph, there was really no place I was willing to put it down -- good action and a plot with enough complexity to keep the most agile brain enthralled!

You might like to know that you are among a very short list of authors who can keep me reading straight through.

Mari Bontrager
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If I gave books star ratings, I'd give Those Who Betray a 'five'. No kidding. I'm more than a little impatient as a reader: my time is short, therefore precious, and I need a book to grab me to keep me reading. Well, Those Who Betray certainly did that!

Although I wasn't quite sure how the seemingly three disconnected events would tie in there is a street gunfight, which seems to be over drugs, an Admiral meets with military leaders to discuss impending budget cuts, then enter Mark Rippet I'd read Bob McElwain before, and knew it would happen. Sure enough, once I reached chapter four, we really got into gear, and I was hooked! In fact, Those Who Betray took so hard a hold I couldn't put it down until I reached the end.

Not only is Those Who Betray a good story, the pace is good not too fast, not too slow the descriptions just enough. And as for Bob's characters, well, being a Gemini and having somewhat an androgynous mind, I can appreciate his females as much as his males. Bob has a way of knowing them, of bringing them to life until you feel you'd like to meet them. They have what I would describe as 'full-figured' personalities.

In Bob's most marvelous style, he never drops you at the end, but lets you down slowly allowing you to settle comfortably, lie back and sigh; wow, what a read!

Phew, Bob, that's one mighty good book.

Celia A. Leaman, Reviewer
eBook Review Weekly


Mark Rippet's got a problem, but he doesn't know it. All he wants to do is to rebuild classic cars in California. When his father dies, he has to go home for the funeral where he discovers that his father was acting very strangely before he died. The funeral Mark attends reminds him of the one he didn't-- his brother's, Wayne, the cop, who died in the line of duty.

Mark still doesn't know he has a problem. But when he learns of the odd circumstances of his brother's death and of his father's bizarre last words, he becomes curious. When somebody tries to run him down in the street, he gets suspicious. And when he gets set up by a woman he's falling for, he knows he's being targeted. But what he doesn't know is, why.

Enter Eva Starling, a Washington insider and economist. She's sent to California to work out the snags in some government contracts that have "fraud" written all over them. She tracks down some of the details in a particular company and meets up with Mark where she learns the company in question was owned by his dad. The couple join forces to find out who's doing what to whom, and why.

This murder mystery will keep you scrolling the screen or turning the pages to find the answers. If you're a Dashiell Hammit and Raymond Chandler fan, you'll love McElwain's Those Who Betray. ***

K. Ann Barnett
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An explosive, deadly Miamian drug bust gone awry opens Bob McElwain's second novel, Those Who Betray.

Mark Rippet returns to his hometown, Los Angeles, after a mysterious five-year disappearance.

But he's too late.

His brother, Wayne, is dead. Murdered. His dad, Lyle, lies in a coma. The family business is on the brink of bankruptcy. No one seems very concerned. Except for Mark. Somehow he feels he should not have been where he was. He should have been right here. Adding to his despair, it becomes obvious someone is on his trail. They want him dead. Now.

Thus is the stage set for this well-crafted page-turning barn-burner! McElwain's gift of language is very apparent throughout this book. The great depth of his many characters makes them unpredictable. As in real life, what you see isn't necessarily what you get!

Mark, dashing headlong in one direction, misses the mark. He slides off into a new direction, hoping to be on target. You get sucked right in.

There's no slowing down. You'll soon find you have one goal--to finish the book!

This action adventure tale plunges you into the decadent underground drug culture and the bastions of the higher echelons of the U.S. Government.

Power. Greed. Corruption. Death ... and Betrayal!

Definitely a must-read!



"Fast paced action at its best. Don't begin reading this tale after dinner. Else count on losing some sleep. For once started, you won't want to lay it aside until you've read the last word on the last page." --- ActionTales.com

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