At the Table of Want
by Larry Kimport

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    "A narrative of fine nuance, 
     written with subtle care.
     Watershed events unfold
     seamlessly amongst those 
     that precipitated them."


At the Table of Want

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Snippet from Book

The next morning, however, Truman's cheerful mailman, on his nice red bicycle, delivered a surprise.

"Encik Truman!" his mailman called out, ringing his thumb bell. "Ada surat hari ini!"

Without a return address, the handwriting upon the envelope wasn't Mabel's, nor Angela's, nor Kathleen Van Heflin's. But seemingly a girl's. He wondered of another volunteer.

He worked it open. The message was clumsy and brief, without the loops and strokes he associated with a feminine hand, yet feminine.

It read, every time he read it:

Hello Friend,
    Are you from Amerika or is it Urope? Maybe England? I am a silly girl. Why do you like those kinds of childrens you have with? Is it you have big heart?
    I will write again. My hope is you not think me foolish.
       You friend

* * *

At times in life, as in all great stories, events unfold such that people and characters can never turn back.

Events that make life so worth living.

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About This Great Book

As a much younger man I spent two years living upon the banks of the Pahang River in rural Malaysia, with the United States Peace Corps. From within the comforts of my New Jersey suburban home, I've often wondered how these two worlds might meet, especially in the context of lonesomeness, great hope and a leap of daring.

At the Table of Want is the result of that twenty-year pondering, written after much research, and a thorough scouring of the notes and journals I maintained while living in the beautiful land of contrasts.

Mostly, though, it's about a quiet boy from the Pine Barrens of southern New Jersey, happening upon an older woman on the other side of the world, a woman lost within a meaningless life—and what they might do about one another.


From A Review

After I started reading At the Table of Want, it was a struggle not to drop everything else and read nonstop. Hooked, I was, but I managed to resist the urge to throw everything else aside, like my marriage, putting out the trash, eating and sleeping, and only read late at night or early in the morning for a limited time. Still, I finished Kimport's novel in record time, and I often thought of the story during the day. Each night as I picked up the book, it was like that slice of apple pie after not having one for several months.


From The Author

From this coming-of-age love story, exploring our desire to be useful . . .

That August of 1977, Elvis Presley turned up dead on a Graceland bathroom floor. Truman thought of Mrs. Winslow and her 45s. A week later Mabel casually brought up the Peace Corps, as a television commercial aired a sunset panorama of tired adults leaving a partially erected structure on some African-looking savannah.

Mabel leaned forward. "That sounds so exciting, Truddy. Fritz would have enjoyed something like that if they had it back then."

"Is it the army or something?" Truman asked.

"Oh no. Not at all. It's a job where young people go to poor countries to help out." She sipped at her coffee, her attention fixed to the voice-over testimonial.

. . . and our inexplicable need to be loved.

Larry Kimport


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