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At the Table of Want - Much scarred orphan, Truman Kramer, having joined the Peace Corps, is assigned to a small Malaysian community, serving an assemblage of all-but-forgotten handicapped children. Truman, never having kissed a girl, becomes involved with an unloved, married woman; a shopkeeper’s wife craving anything of her own. As his service wanes, mired in earnestness and deceit, his lover’s husband discovers his wife’s affair. Torn with remorse, young Truman acts, plumbing the depths of love, and our need to attach ourselves to other human beings.

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A Small Harvest of Pretty Days - In 1890s Pennsylvania, lonesome Clara Waltz falls in love with an aging drifter whom she rescues from a world far stranger than her own.

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In the Kingdom of the Wilderness - 2005

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Larry Kimport
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Larry Kimport grew up one of seven children to blue collar parents in north-central Pennsylvania. He served briefly in the U.S. Army, then earned a B.S.E. in Special Education at Mansfield State College. He then served in the U.S. Peace Corps in southeast Asia.

For the past 25 years, Larry has coordinated an alternative educational program for at-risk teens in suburban New Jersey. Over the years Larry has also directed various summer programs serving community youth, kids assigned to residential care and foster children.

Larry belongs to The Alternative Education Association of New Jersey, and Pennwriters, Inc. He has been awarded The U.S. Peace Corps Exemplary Service Award, The Superintendent's Distinguished Service Award, and was chosen The Upper Freehold Teacher Of The Year.

He and his wife of 24 years have two children. He enjoys coaching interscholastic wrestling, gardening, writing, traveling anywhere with his loving family, and saltwater fishing.

Larry Kimport
Lumberton, New Jersey


Photo of Larry with his wife Mary

Larry and his wife Mary
seaside in New Jersey


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