A Novel

by Colin D. Jones

3-D Cover for Shifted

    "A mind-bending roller coaster
     ride through past, present, 
     and future."



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Snippet from Book

"Leave me alone." Mark's voice was a low hiss. "Get out."

"I'm trying to answer your questions, son, if you'll give me a chance. Won't you give me a chance? Seriously, I want nothing more than to help you through this, as I've helped others like you. That's right; you're not the only one with this talent."

Blood hammered in his temples. "What? Am I some kind of experiment? What is this shit? What did you do to me?"

"You are what you are," Simmons shrugged. "Nobody fed your mom thalidomide. Nobody used radiation to change your DNA. You just are, and this sort of thing apparently happens in nature, in certain ethnic groups, from time to time. Recessive genes, we think. It's been happening for hundreds, maybe thousands of years."

His stomach going cold, Mark whispered, "Werewolf."

"You're a smart kid, Mark. Bright, probably bordering on genius. But werewolf may not be the best word."

"Then what is?"


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About This Great Book

Growing up in an abusive home during the waning days of the Cold War, young Mark Arsenault has only two steadfast companions. One is a flickering apparition that appears only near the borders of sleep, whispering riddles about an apocalyptic future. The other is a bestial, inhuman entity looking out at the world through Mark's own eyes.

As he comes of age in a world of moon shots and atom smashers, Mark learns his companions are far stranger than he could have dared guess. Their fates are inextricably entangled not only with his own, but with that of reality itself. Pursued by shadowy government agents and police, Mark must risk all to understand his true nature, to save the woman he loves, and to prevent a cosmological catastrophe. To do so, he must become the thing he has always feared most, a creature of Norse myth too terrifying to unleash in this world.


From A Review

Shifted is well-written and carefully edited, as well as craftily plotted to build suspense. Jones reels out the information carefully over time, revealing just enough to keep the reader understanding events but not enough to give away whatís coming next. Characters are well-rounded, and dialogue is highly believable. The scientific basis for Jonesís version of lycanthropy makes sense and is presented without resort to awkward exposition or phony conversation.


From The Author

Two years in the writing, I've carefully crafted Shifted, my first novel, to leave the reader fully involved throughout and breathless at the end. I found it a real pleasure welding the disparate aspects of the plot together, and I hope you enjoy the finished product.

Colin D. Jones


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