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3-D Cover for Rio Savannah

"Hutton pushes hard on the accelerator and does not let up." --- ForemostPress.com

I highly recommend Rio Savannah if you are looking for a fast-paced, exciting story that unfolds in some amazing locales. It has all the thrills of an excellent novel with an insiderís view of Savannah, Tybee Island and Rio de Janeiro.

Kate Christmas
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It made me stop everything and read...and dream.... Well done!

Joe H.
Norfolk, VA

Historic Savannah, quirky Tybee Island, and the slums and beaches of Rio de Janeiro make fascinating backdrops for Tad Hutton's new novel, Rio Savannah. Unforgettable characters battle for love, lust, and domination.

A world traveler and writer, Hutton's experiences in South America and Asia bring insight and veracity to a novel packed with action and suspense. His characters are never dull and often wacky as they react to adversity with spirit and courage.

Rio Savannah begins with a simple business trip. Gray Hart goes to Rio de Janeiro to check on a proposed partnership just as officers of three international cartels meet in Savannah with plans to dominate the world's illegal drug trade. Simultaneously, an ambitious politician in Rio de Janeiro orchestrates kidnappings, terrorist attacks, and gang wars to force the city to seek his protection. Hart's involvement in these wild scenarios fuels his desire to repair his own life and to help his friends.

The tale's characters are lively and diverse. Gray Hart, Mario Meijo, Cathy Colley, and Gerardo Alvez drive the plot with vitality as they pursue or are pursued. The special treat of the novel is in the many characters who appear less often and who cry out for more development. Ramallah, the Syrian engineer-terrorist; Roy Bates, the macho man; Hog Falls, the taxi driver and poacher; Vic Powers, the disabled war vet are but a few with their own rousing stories. Heroic, sad, funny, and often downright crazy, these characters make the novel a reading adventure.

Rio Savannah delivers a multi-leveled range of reading pleasure. Gray's story and the stories of slum gangs and terror cells provoke the imagination as they reflect the heroes and villains of our global family. Like it or not, you experience the clash of ideology and culture in an increasingly accessible world where present-day tensions are fueled by terrorism, drugs, poverty, and greed.



"An adrenaline-laced thriller you donít want to miss."
--- ForemostPress.com

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