Super Bowl Fix?
by Tad Hutton

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    "Hutton's best! A hilarious
     comedy-satire about the
     sabotage of the 2013 
     Super Bowl."


Super Bowl Fix?

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Snippet from Book

Baldy Scales was angry at everything simply because everything was always wrong. He should be running a casino in Oklahoma, and he would have, too, if his Choctaw father had stayed where the Army dumped the whole dammed Choctaw Nation, right on top of them oil fields, and if his mama hadn't lived so long, and if the booze hadn't lasted so long. Now here he was, broke, tired, hungover, and feeling some strange shit going on inside with his liver, his belly, his ass. Not what his mama had planned for him, and not what he'd told her he was up to. Well, sir, it was time to head up and move out, time to put on the war paint, take up the lance, and ride that pony one last time. And he had a pony that would do just fine for this ride.

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About This Great Book

Four attempts are made to sabotage the 2013 Super Bowl.

Will the drunken Indian succeed with his last war-ride, or will seven federal and state agencies bring him down? Given the expertise of some agency personnel, early bets are on the Indian.

Well, how about the two billionaires who try to fix the game so they can scam fellow money-bag Sheldon Adelson? Vic Diamond's "adopted son" is a middle-aged accountant with a whacky Chinese bodyguard. He may have what it takes, if indeed there is a fix on.

Oh, and don't forget the hacktivists. "Anonymous" may want to watch Beyonce, but what then?

Finally, does a mysterious player have a "Golden Parachute" which allows him to leave the game with a bundle?


From A Review

Tad Hutton's sixth novel, Super Bowl Fix? is hilarious. This satirical comedy is not even about football, just its venue....

A tangled web of hilarity, gambling, love, and even a bit of redemption follows this crazy comedy from start to finish.


From The Author

These people are crazy! I had no intention of writing about the 2013 Super Bowl. But then I found some questionable information about attempts to fix or sabotage the event, and I was all in. The truth is I laughed my head sore before I even wrote the book.

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Tad Hutton


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