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Super Bowl Fix? - A Super Bowl isn't so much fun when crazy people are trying to destroy the Superdome. The crazies also attempt to fix the game itself, and, oh yes, to disrupt the halftime show just for the hell of it. The plot gets thicker and funnier as separate and zany conspirators bring out hilarious bureaucrats trying to put a whack-a-mole stop to the shenanigans.

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God's Money - Four fishermen find twenty million dollars on an island. Now they have to keep the cash from the drug cartel and pirates who claim it. The setting for this thrill and laugh-a-minute tale is the notorious Palawan Passage in the South China Sea. Deacon and his friends face off the criminals, and then deal with a greedy churchman and competing nations who claim ownership of the island. A renegade American, a beautiful schoolteacher, and a Japanese hermit drive this tale to its exciting conclusion.

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Time Pool: The Amazing Adventures of Eddie Dowd - Eddie Dowd goes on some rollicking, hilarious adventures to uncover the secrets of Salt Island. Time travel, rides on monster turtles, battles with slavers, and a sea fight with the British Navy drive this modern Huck Finn forward as he learns from his ancestors the history and culture of his people. 2009 Georgia Author of the Year Awards (GAYA) Finalist.

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Rio Savannah - Violence and fear erupt on two continents as Gray Hart's business trip entangles him in kidnappings, drug wars, and terrorist attacks. His friends become defiant heroes, battling the greed and corruption of major powers.

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Other Titles by Tad Hutton

Gulla Island - 1992 - Out of Print

Guale - 1993 - Out of Print

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Tad Hutton
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What did M J Wright say about writing, that it was five percent inspiration and ninety-five percent brute force? I cannot account for inspiration in my writing, but by God I can attest to brute force. It is never easy to write, never. Most of us ensnared in that manic-depressive art have day jobs, rich relatives, or are kept men and women. I, for one, did not take my final vows as author until I had gone through three separate careers, gotten two children through school, and thoroughly pissed off my BW with drink, smoke, and a charming stubbornness. The brute force part of the equation came as I determined that, yes, I was going to write. Yes, it would be fiction, adventure, action, romance, and all those other good elements not found in engineering reports, technical essays, new project descriptions, and grant writing. (Well, maybe one can say that grant writing does involve many elements of fiction, and maybe that is what finally gave me the urge to publish my own stuff.)

How do I apply this brute force to writing? All of us writers know the answer to that. No whining, no daydreaming, no breaks. Just do it. The inventor extraordinaire Thomas Edison said about his craft, "To invent, you need a good imagination and a pile of junk." What, dear iPhone owner asks? No genius, no mystique, no frigging inspiration? It kind of works that way in writing, too—fiction anyway (i.e., grant writing.)

M J Wright, Thomas Alva Edison, and I are on the same page with the one constant. Imagination. In other words, we don't do processes very well, and we don't write, invent, or make love by the numbers. But, by golly, give us a pile of junk and some brute force and we will knock the socks off of whatever it is we're up to.

This imagination perception is special to others beside Wright and Edison. Perhaps that is what draws me to writing, and excites me as I slog through it. Imagination. I've got a good one, and it has gotten me through many a rough time over the years, I tell you. The idea of putting it out there for a lot of people to see and to remark about, well, that's pretty cool.

Tybee Island, Georgia


beach bum photo

Tad Hutton the Beach Bum in Brazil.


Photo of waterfall

Sometimes on a hot day, a waterfall drops by.


A little family time with the waterfall theme.


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Standing on the dock of the bay.


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