The Vein to the Heart
by C. P. Holsinger

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    "Infidelity and murder
     abound as love is torn
     apart and friendships are


The Vein to the Heart

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Snippet from Book

It was eight-twenty a.m. when April Madison answered the telephone. "Hello. Madisons."

"Good morning, April. Where's the love of your life? I need to talk with him."

"Assuming you're talking about Sonny," she said, giggling, "he's still asleep. His plane was two hours late, and he has a case of jet lag. Can I have him call you, Nick?"

"Uhmm, it's important," Nick answered.

"I'm here," Sonny's groggy voice came through the extension. He yawned as he said, "What the hell do you want? If it's Armageddon, don't bother me. I'll meet you in the afterlife, somewhere in hell I suppose."

Nick heard the phone click as April hung up her end. "You didn't answer your cell."

"That's because I shut it off. I do that when I don't want to be disturbed. It's in the charger—not being disturbed—unlike me!"

Nick said, "Sorry, buddy, but it's time to get back to work. We got another one."

All of a sudden the sleepiness left him as he sat straight up in the bed. "Another body? Where?"

"Yeah, off of Thirty-Fifth Avenue and Thunderbird. I'm heading there now. It looks like the wife found him floating in the backyard pool. I just got the call."

"Text me the address. I'll grab a shower and meet you there. You better have coffee." Sonny hung up the phone.

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About This Great Book

The Phoenix Police Department is reeling from the shocking murder and mutilation of one of their own.

Lt. Nick Greer and Sgt. Sonny Madison are on the case, and discover this is not an isolated incident, but part of a series of murders reaching thousands of miles away.

Though hampered by a vindictive superior, job changes, and estranged relationships, Nick and Sonny race to stay ahead of the FBI, as this mystery takes them from the deserts of Phoenix to the rolling hills of Pennsylvania, and to the scenic shores of the Chesapeake Bay in search of meager clues that lead to nowhere.

Love is lost and friendships are threatened, as infidelity, deception, and murder weave their way through this mystery and impact the detectives own lives.

Finally, things begin to come together. A plan is conceived, a trap is set, and the murders are solved, but not before one of our heroes goes down.


From A Review

C. P. Holsinger's plotting and writing style remind me of the books of Don Meyer, another favorite of mine in this genre. Both writers know how to show, don't tell. The book is a quick read because it is full of character dialog rather than prolific, pompous prose. The reader clearly visualizes the characters, hence the TV references. No lengthy descriptions of characters or scenery are necessary. Oh yeah, I love plot twists, and this one's got 'em!


From The Author

It wasn't my intention to write a sequel to All The Bishop's Men; however, requests to do so caused me to give it another shot.

I had fun creating The Vein to the Heart, and my thanks goes out to all those who gave me the motivation to write it.

I hope you enjoy it, and I thank you for your support.

C. P. Holsinger


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