The Nemo Murders
by C. P. Holsinger

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    "Hang on tight as vengeance,
     evil, infidelity, and jealousy
     blaze their trail throughout
     the story."


The Nemo Murders

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Snippet from Book

Sonny said, "You know, in Latin, Nemo means nobody or no one!"

Mannion and Greer looked at each other in surprise, then they both looked back at Sonny, who continued, "In Homer's Odyssey, Ulysses blinds the Cyclops, the Cyclops asks him: 'Who are you?' To which Ulysses replies: 'Nemo.' When the Cyclops was later asked by his father, Neptune: 'Who did this to you?', he answers, 'Nobody did it.' "

The two men were still staring at Sonny. He looked back and forth between them. "What? My high school literature teacher was a Homer nut."

Mannion said, "See what you can do with it. See if anyone at the TV station went by Nemo. Maybe it's a nickname or something, you know, like Gumby." He grinned at Nick as he continued, "In the meantime, I'll send this to the lab. Who knows? Maybe we'll get lucky."

As the two detectives walked down the hall to the SIU, Nick said, "Homer? Sonny Madison studied Homer?"

"Hey, I'm not just good looking, you know. I got an intellectual side, too, Mr. Master's Degree!" Sonny grinned.

"You 'have' an intellectual side," Nick corrected his partner's grammar.

Sonny nodded. "I'm glad you agree."

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About This Great Book

When the call comes in to the Phoenix Police Department that the body of well-known television news personality and part-time anchor Marti Montgomery has been found brutally murdered, Detective Lieutenant Nick Greer is called to the scene.

Nick is the lead detective of the elite Phoenix Special Investigation Unit, a small, specially chosen squad, whose duties are to tackle special, mostly high-profile cases.

Nick and his partner, the ever surprising and sometimes rogue Sonny Madison, find themselves challenged as the list of victims begins to grow and so does the list of suspects. Is it a stalker? A jealous wife? A resentful co-worker? A jilted lover? Or is it someone else?

This third installment of the Nick Greer murders is the most challenging of all as the bodies begin to pile up and nothing and no one connecting them can be found. The surprise ending will leave the reader in shock.


From A Review

Another winner. A very easy read . . . held my interest from beginning to end. Finished it in a day. I like the continuing saga.


From The Author

I find myself appalled at times by the way the media approaches stories and their lack of respect for privacy. That emotion drove me to write this.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did telling the story.

C. P. Holsinger


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