All the Bishop's Men
by C. P. Holsinger

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    "A whodunit that will keep
     you turning the pages until
     the very end."


All the Bishop's Men

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Snippet from Book

The detective continued to stare for a minute, then spoke, "Strange, mighty strange."

"What, Nick? What's so strange?" Roy asked.

"Look at his arms. It looks like he was hugging the computer."

"Okay, so?" Roy looked puzzled.

"Not natural." Nick pointed to the corpse as he stepped closer to it. "If he shot himself and fell forward, I could understand his right hand maybe ending up here." He pointed to the subject's right hand. "But his left hand the same way? With the gun still in it? Doesn't it seem strange to you? Not natural?"

"Possible," Roy replied. "Death didn't have to be instantaneous. A couple of seconds could make the difference, you know."

"Yeah . . . possible . . . yeah, maybe you're right. I guess it's okay." The detective stroked his chin, noting that nothing else seemed to have been touched, and there were no signs of forced entry or robbery. "Who would kill a priest anyway," he said. "Guess he was under some sort of scrutiny from the diocese. Maybe it was too much for him."

"Looks like a clean-cut case of suicide to me," Roy stated. "Seen 'nough of 'em to tell. Gonna finish up here and head back. These double shifts are murder." He looked up at the tall man and grinned. "Oops! I should know better than to use the M word around you."

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About This Great Book

The Phoenix police are called in when the body of a Catholic priest is found slumped over a desk with a gun in his hand. Lt. Nick Greer is assigned to this case of an apparent suicide.

But trusting his gut feelings, Lt. Greer comes to believe this case involves much more than anyone had imagined. Despite pressure from his boss, department heads, local government officials, and the bishop, Nick follows his instincts. This leads him to a trail of murder, terror, and a secret nest of corruption involving high-ranking diocesan officials.

While trying to juggle the life of a homicide detective complicated by a vindictive ex-wife, he becomes involved in an unexpected romance. What follows will forever change his life.


From A Review

The story structure is easy to understand and it flows in the tradition of a good and solid detective tale with a likable protagonist who is tough, strong-willed, and yet very human. Lieutenant Nick Greer is a cop who isn't afraid to go against the system for a just cause.


From The Author

Certain personal experiences, along with my knowledge of the operation of the Catholic church, inspired me to write All The Bishop's Men.

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did creating it.

C. P. Holsinger


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