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"Unity is Book 3 of the captivating Krinics Series."
--- ForemostPress.com

Book Review - Unity Krinics: Series Book 3 by Steven Eutsler

Science fiction and fantasy share the same space on the bookshelves because they are so much like alike in respect to the subject matter. Both genres are dealing with imaginary worlds and technology that does not yet exist, but promises possibilities of existence through scientific progress. The same is true in the works of Steven Eutsler, a writer who created an interesting and fascinating universe where almost anything is possible. This novel, a third in the series so far, presents another mind-bending adventure beyond time and imagination.

Young Allanna Alill is an average eighteen-year-old girl who was prepared to live out her life like any ordinary human being. But this seemingly ordinary girl is catapulted by a twist of fate into another world and another reality. Light years away from home, she discovers to her amazement that she is no ordinary girl. On an alien world, she is an empress, and a leader whose actions influence the fate of alien nations locked in combat for power and glory. And on the alien planet lies the key not only to great power but the truth hidden in Allanna's bloodline.

The third book of the Krinics series delivers the same intensity as the previous two novels. Exposed to alien culture and philosophy, young Allanna matures through trials by combat, wisdom and emotions. The alien world, created by Steven Eutsler is unique, but it is guided by principles and philosophies that are not that different from that of humans. The action is intense and well balanced with the periods of calm and peace with deep introspection on the part of Allanna and her friends and enemies. Each character is given enough time to be introduced and make a difference by the time the story ended.

The strongest features of the novel are of course its characters, which are unique and well crafted. The dialogue is interesting and reflects the character and emotional state of each individual. Given the scope of the series, they feel like an epic where each new book would reveal something new and unique in the universe created by a writer who works with a passion and love of his craft.

David Crane, author Die To Live Again, Makers of Destiny, and others


Unity is a fantastic addition to the Krinics universe. Steven Eutsler demonstrates the continuing evolution of his characters and story. Unity's focus is on the struggles and strife of the story's protagonist, Allanna Alill, as fate lies before a series of challenges.

Eutsler deepens the mythos surrounding each of his characters as they struggle against his antagonist, Menga. Throughout Unity, Allanna discovers not only strength within her she did not know existed, but even more mysteries. Mysteries not only concerning her, but many others.

Unity develops the characters of the Krinics universe. Each character contains a continuing complexity that shines through in every page. Unity, like the second book in the Krinics series, Reunion, contains a slightly darker mood that interlaces the lighter side of the story. This combination shows the growing darkness looming on the horizon for the characters.

Eutsler weaves humor, mystery, and adventure into a triumvirate that is a string foundation for his third book in the Krinics series. Unity contains convincing dialogue and unexpected twists that compels and captivates the reader.



"A fun, fast-paced adventure that you won’t be able to put down."
--- ForemostPress.com

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