Krinics Series: Book 3

by Steven Eutsler

3-D Cover for Unity

    "Evil stretches across the island
     of Krinics and threatens countless 
     worlds unless Allanna finds strength
     to stand against it."



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Snippet from Book

Allanna ignores the pains from her body as she bends down. She grabs the half-filled bucket and hoists it up. She sniffs at the liquid's surface. No smell. She lifts the bucket to her lips. The liquid presses against them. She allows a tiny portion of the liquid to slip into her mouth, then lowers the bucket slightly. No real taste. Please let this be water. She struggles with her decision. Menga wants me as his new Sema. He wouldn't poison me. Or would he? The need for water overpowers her doubt. She lifts the bucket and relishes each gulp of water.

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About This Great Book

Allanna Alill eludes the last of the Rawyn assassins and returns to Krinics. Her destiny is thrust upon her as she assumes the throne as empress. She must overcome the challenges of her new position and continue her struggle against the forces of Menga, whose plans for domination of the galaxy focus on Allanna.

Menga holds Snique captive on the island of Caligo. Alone and without hope of rescue, Snique must attempt a daring escape before Menga's diabolical plans for him come to fruition.

New enemies and allies rise in the battle for domination not only of Krinics but the galaxy.

Unity is Book 3 of the Krinics Series.


From A Review

Young Allanna Alill is an average eighteen-year old girl who was prepared to live out her life like any ordinary human being. But this seemingly ordinary girl is catapulted by a twist of fate into another world and another reality. Light years away from home, she discovers to her amazement that she is no ordinary girl.


From The Author

Unity is the third book in the Krinics series. Within the pages of Unity, I strive to mirror historical figures during their formative time before their roles in world events. The story continues the adventures of Allanna Alill as she transforms into her destined role.

Unity, as in both The End's Beginning and Reunion, the story is a complete piece in and unto itself, yet they are each an integral part to the saga. Unity continues the adventures of Allanna Alill as she and her friends continue their struggle against forces bent on conquest. Mystery, intrigue, adventure, and humor merge in this addition to the Krinics series.

I invite you to again journey to Krinics and enjoy the tale within the pages of Unity.

Steven Eutsler


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