Krinics Series: Book 2

by Steven Eutsler

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    "Sins of the past come to the
     surface and threaten the future 
     of the galaxy."



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Snippet from Book

Pe'Anitia rises from her bed. Her dreams had been nightmares. Nightmares brought on by the memory of Sema's visit. Pe'Anitia struggles against the fatigue of her restless night. She is about to succumb to the beckoning of her mattress when relentless knocking echoes through her chambers. Pe'Anitia barely opens the door, and Oileh rushes into the room.

"Empress . . . Empress . . . balcony . . . Rawyn . . . my gods," Oileh says, hyperventilating.

"Oileh, what is—" Pe'Anitia does not finish her question. From the slightly open door of the balcony comes the answer to her question. At first, it is a low nagging sound just on the horizon of Pe'Anitia's awareness. Once her mind registers the sound, it leaps to the forefront. She sprints to the balcony and stares out over the surrounding landscape. Standing erect before the Rawyn forces are twenty-three of the forty-six crucifixes arrayed before her.

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About This Great Book

With the defeat of the Rawyn in the Battle of the Barren Basin, the Krinicsians thought they defeated the darkness threatening their world and the galaxy. They were wrong. . . .

The darkness resurfaces in the malicious form of Sema. Sema has one mission: the complete control of Krinics and the galaxy. Her malevolent plans begin with Empress Pe'Anitia and the people of Krinics.

Pe'Anitia not only faces the challenges of ascending to the throne, but she must also defeat Sema or perish.

Snique and Dazok journey to the island of Manus, and they discover the darkness has spread beyond Krinics. It threatens to engulf all who stand before it.

On the other side of the galaxy, Allanna Alill begins settling back into her life on Earth until family secrets and Rawyn assassins threaten everything she holds dear.

They must all make decisions that will have ramifications for not only themselves—but the entire galaxy.

Reunion is Book 2 of the Krinics Series.


From A Review

The second book, Reunion, follows the diverse and fascinating alien characters introduced in the first novel. The noble alien Krinics of the distant planet Ramac are in sharp contrast to the power hungry and ambitious Rawyn aiming for galactic domination.


From The Author

I have always been fascinated with the turns and quirks of historical events. How victory or defeat are mirror images of each other and only fate determines which becomes reality. In Reunion I take these thoughts and intertwine them into the world I have created in Krinics.

Reunion continues the adventures of those characters brought to life in The End's Beginning and introduces new characters and the new dimensions they add. I twist mystery, intrigue, adventure, humor, and relationships even more into my second book in the Krinics series.

I invite you to again journey to Krinics and enjoy the tale within the pages of Reunion.

Steven Eutsler


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