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Reunion - Krinics Series: Book 2 - With the defeat of the Rawyn in the Battle of the Barren Basin, the Krinicsians thought they defeated the darkness threatening their world and the galaxy. They were wrong.... The darkness resurfaces in the malicious form of Sema. Sema has one mission: the complete control of Krinics and the galaxy. Her malevolent plans begin with Empress Pe'Anitia and the people of Krinics. The future stands upon a crumbling precipice.

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The End's Beginning - Krinics Series: Book 1 - When Allanna Alill arrives to spend summer at her grandfather's home in Minnesota, she could never imagine the unbelievable journey awaiting her. Mysteriously transported across the galaxy, Allanna awakens on Krinics, a moon orbiting the planet of Ramac. In this world where life and death dangle on the edge of a sword, she meets daring heroes, malicious villains, and marvelous creatures.

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Steven Eutsler
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Steven Eutsler grew up traveling around America always being the quintessential new kid. In his travels, he met a vast array of people and their cultures that have molded him into someone who looks at the ordinary and extraordinary with a unique eye for detail.

He served in the U.S. Navy and held various jobs that varied from milkman to electrician. He graduated from Penn State University with a bachelorís degree in secondary education, focusing on history. His work as a middle school and high school teacher reinforced in him the importance of looking at life in every conceivable way. An outside-the-box-thinking teacher, Steve would show students a new way of learning that was unique to them. It is a lesson he conveys through his writing.

A science fiction and fantasy fan from early childhood, Steven has developed his imagination and storytelling while integrating his love of history into his tales. He has been writing for his own love of storytelling since he was fourteen and for twenty-two years has been honing his imagination and storytellerís voice.

Steven lives with the love of his life, Lori, in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and is father to three wondrous children. Together they love to travel and experience what the world has to offer, and he infuses his experiences and inspirations into his writing.

Steven Eutsler
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania


Eutsler family from top left clockwise:
Hannah, Christopher, KayLynn, and Lori


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