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3-D Cover for Planet of Gods

"Exciting futuristic science fiction novel that'll keep you on the edge throughout the book."
--- ForemostPress.com

I found David Crane's Planet of Gods to be an exhilarating read.

Much like Don Quixote, the primary character, Peter Blackwood, encounters a series of adventures that keeps you turning pages. The potpourri of characters that Blackwood encounters are far-ranging and diverse. As the story unfolds the reader experiences the gamut of human emotions from a seasoned space traveler who comes to grips with the fact that he has a calling on a planet where strange and inexplicable forces are at work. The age-old theme of good versus evil is realistically portrayed as Crane throws Professor Peter Blackwood into a series of harrowing experiences, some so bizarre that the hair at the nape of your neck will stand on end.

A different kind of book from a talented writer who has the ability to not only entertain, but deliver a message as well.

Michael Cole, author of Alien Strain, the Star Walkers Trilogy, and others


Planet of Gods: This novel is a great epic story; I loved it! I am a huge fan of fantasy and sci-fi and loved how the author incorporated both genres. I am looking forward to picking up Planet of Men very soon.

Boris Spivak


David Crane's science fiction novel, Planet of Gods—Book One of Enigma—takes place in the year 3,500 A.D. Inquisitive by nature and hungry for knowledge, the human race has left the confines of its mother planet, first colonizing the solar system and opening the road to the stars with radically advanced space technology. The novel's main protagonist, Professor Peter Blackwood, has been through it all. He has been a soldier in the Confederation's elite Space Marines, a planetary prospector, and colonization advisor to powerful corporations. After thirty years of excitement, discovery and danger, Blackwood wants to spend the rest of his days in comfortable retirement. But fate intervenes and launches Blackwood on his rendezvous with destiny.

Planet of Gods opens with a bang as Blackwood suddenly comes face to face with an immensely powerful and seemingly invincible alien intelligence in a form of a red energy cloud. The red cloud snatches Blackwood's private ship from its hyperspace highway and catapults him into an unexplored region of the galaxy where he is forced to land on a distant planet many light years away from home. Tough and self-reliant, Blackwood is prepared to survive on an alien world using everything he has been taught. But no training could prepare him for the dangers and wonders of planet Enigma, a world where laws of nature are twisted and altered beyond belief. There are humans living on Enigma, descendants of those unfortunate crews captured by the red cloud and forced to land, adapt, and unable to escape.

Blackwood becomes a stranger in a strange land, doing his best to survive in a world populated by mortals and powerful, godlike overlords, immortal humans with immense capacity for creation, healing and destruction. Gaining an ally in a centuries-old beautiful female overlord, Blackwood is determined to solve the mystery of planet Enigma. But scientific curiosity is overshadowed by the shocking discovery of the red cloud's grand game on the planetary scale. Against his will, Blackwood must fulfill a four-hundred-year-old prophecy and become a leader of the rebellion to end the rule of the overlords and restore the balance of nature.

Planet of Gods takes the reader into the future both familiar and alien and into a powerful mix of action, drama, suspense, love, tragedies, and triumphs. It is a story about an ordinary man fighting for his life against nearly impossible odds, trying to comprehend his role as scientist, savior, and above all, a human being with a human heart. The story will leave you with a sense of discovery and sympathy for the ordinary man who fights for survival and justice in an extraordinary world, where the fate of millions depends on his survival and ultimate victory against evil.



"Look for Book 2 of Enigma, Planet of Men."
--- ForemostPress.com

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