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3-D Cover for Makers of Destiny

"Readers are in for a wild ride in this adrenaline-packed tale."
--- ForemostPress.com

David Crane pulled me into his novel, Makers of Destiny, from the very first page. He has a descriptive style of writing that I can relate to. I also like the complex characters that he is able to create.

The story takes place in post-apocalyptic America a generation or so after a nuclear holocaust had almost destroyed the world and mankind with it. The protagonist, a mutant who is no longer human, has superhuman powers, but she also possesses some of the frailties and weaknesses that define our species. Faced with incalculable odds by a mysterious and ruthless enemy who is hell-bent on destroying civilization, she battles the forces of evil. There are a number of real-life social and political parallels that one can draw from Makers of Destiny and the slightly less charred world we live in today. The heroine's fight for righteousness seemed relevant, as we are confronted with the same problems: prejudice, bigotry, and religious persecution. The story may be a fantasy, but it made me wonder which of the events described in the book might actually come true. The terrorists that exist in our world today do not possess super human powers, but they are not that dissimilar from the ones that David Crane describes. They, too, threaten the existence of a societal structure that believes in the virtues of morality, free will, and the rule of law.

Makers of Destiny, which is a sequel to Die to Live Again, brings the story of post-ravaged Earth to a satisfactory conclusion.

Michael Cole, author of Not of This Earth, the Star Walkers Trilogy, and others


Makers of Destiny is a sequel to David Crane's science fiction post-apocalyptic novel, Die to Live Again. Tanya Gray's story of survival and revenge is far from over; this is a new story of Tanya, a mutant with a human heart, a warrior, a healer, and an explorer.

Tanya Gray once was an ordinary American citizen who wanted nothing more than a peaceful life. Everything changed when her plans and dreams were shattered by a single phone call from her father. As the missiles took flight, Tanya made a promise to her father to survive the incoming nuclear holocaust at any cost. Finding refuge at a high-tech shelter, she survives only to be exiled into a nuclear wasteland for standing up to the tyrannical military regime. Dying from radiation sickness, Tanya is saved from death by the mysterious black trees and transformed into a powerful new being impervious to radiation and conventional weaponry. Her survival mission soon turns into a mission of vengeance, and she makes certain that people responsible for five billion deaths are punished for their crimes against humanity.

Now, fifty years later, Tanya Gray is a devoted wife and mother and a proud citizen of New America. But New America has enemies and Tanya’s species called Panthers still evoke mixed feelings of awe and fear from humans about their true purpose on earth. The wounded country is divided, and only half of it remains under civilized rule. When the aged American president dies and her chosen replacement is assassinated, Tanya Gray faces enemies without and within. A new mysterious and powerful foe wielding a vastly superior technology makes an appearance along with a fanatical religious movement determined to exterminate Tanya’s people. To end the next brutal Civil War, Tanya Gray must once again spill blood in the name of justice and peace.

In this sequel, Crane explores the true depth of his main character. This is not a story just about survival. It is a story about what makes us better or worse when we are faced with very hard choices.



"A compelling sci fi tale with deep themes is unputdownable."
--- ForemostPress.com

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