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3-D Cover for The Papyrus Document

"Just when you think you've solved the mystery, you're hit with a bombshell that sends you reeling."
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Michael Cole's novel The Papyrus Document proves his incredible versatility as a writer who can work on any genre of fiction. This strong and solid religious thriller, based on historical documents, is a fascinating journey that the reader follows to the very end. In the novel, main protagonist, forensic pathologist Dr. Natalie Rowe joins forces with the son of a murdered Pakistani scientist, whose controversial discovery can shed light on the true fate of Jesus Christ or ignite the flames of a new and merciless religious war. They are about to uncover the mystery behind Christ's life, the crucifixion, and find the answer to the most enduring question of all: did Jesus die on the cross or survive and live the rest of his life in India?

Going through the pages of Michael's book, I almost smelled the wax of the burning candles and felt the crunching ancient dust of the holy sites under my feet. Strong, intelligent, likable and resilient, Dr. Natalie Rowe is realistic and likable. She solves problems with intellect and wit that label her as not only a great scientist, but a remarkable human being with a good heart and strong spirit. The novel is a colorful tapestry of logical events that lead the main heroine toward great revelation and great danger. Fast-paced and well-designed plot accelerates from page one and never stops its momentum.

In a smooth and easy to read prose reminiscent of his past works, Michael Cole delivers another incredible adventure. Dr. Natalie Rowe's character shows the true determination to uncover the mystery as she prepares to expose the real truth behind Christ's resurrection. From the streets of Washington D.C. and then to a sacred tomb hidden in India, Natalie and the son of a slain scientist race against time to find the proof and survive the wrath of a fanatical religious group determined to stop them at any cost. The climax of the story will shock you to the core, as the main characters inch closer to the most fascinating and revealing discovery. Read the book and learn the true fate of a man whose philosophy and faith altered the course of human civilization.

David Crane author of Die to Live Again, Price of Life and others


Excellent Read

Not only is this book highly entertaining, it was also, for me at least, very educational. I never knew there was controversy regarding whether Christ died on the cross. Imagine the religious turmoil if it were proved he didn't die but lived a long life.

Dr. Natalie Rowe, a mild-mannered (think Clark Kent) researcher at the Smithsonian is drawn into the mystery by an aged scholar and embarks on a rollercoaster ride from Washington DC to Kashmir. There are terrorists, there are explosions, there are shootouts, and of course there is love. What more could anyone ask for in novel entertainment.

Marvin Krichmar


The Book Club Radio Program Podcast

Listen to John Austin from the "Book Club" interview Michael Cole about two of his books, The Papyrus Document and Secrets of El Tovar Canyon, as well as what he's working on now!



Dr. Natalie Rowe, a researcher at the Smithsonian Institute, receives a request for a meeting from a noted Pakistani academic. Upon meeting him, he passes her an ancient scroll and asks her to keep it safe and to pass it on to his son in case anything should happen to him. While I would have trouble resisting the temptation to peek at the scroll, Natalie manages to do so, until its rightful owner is killed in an explosion in his hotel room.

What unfolds from there is a thrilling archaeological mystery that takes Natalie and the son of the slain academic to an ancient tomb that may hold the body of a Muslim prophet, or the body of Jesus who may have survived the crucifixion and lived out the remainder of his life in hiding in India.

The secret scroll contains evidence that will shock the Christian world and settle once and for all some long-held theories on the fate of Jesus.

Reminiscent of The DaVinci Code, this book is well-written with solid characterization, a credible and compelling plot, and a good pace that carries the reader along with the story. While reminding the reader of Dan Brown’s work, this book clearly stands on its own merits. I highly recommend this book as a good weekend read.

Kevin Aguanno
TCM Reviews


The Papyrus Document was the most riveting book of fiction I've ever read. I found the plot riveting, the characters intriquing. Michael Cole should be commended for writing such a believable story.

Don Jeisy
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The Papyrus Document is an action-adventure type novel that takes you from Washington, DC to Pakistan. The story centers around two characters that are seeking out answers to a mystery that will have a profound effect on Christian and Muslim beliefs. Their lives are in danger as they try to solve this mystery. The story flowed quickly and managed to keep me on the edge of my seat the whole way through. The characters are all very well developed and the two main ones are extremely likeable and are people of integrity.

Cole really researched the background information for this novel. He addresses the Marium-Jesus Theory in which it is believed that Jesus did not die during the crucifixion, but instead survived and lived to be over 100 years old. Both sides of this argument were well represented. The story is written in such a way that I felt it showed respect to both Christian and Muslim faiths. The Muslim "bad guys" in the plot were presented as extremists, not the typical person of this faith. There are people that might be concerned that this book will publicize a new conspiracy about their faith, like in The Da Vinci Code, but I personally did not feel that the story stepped on my Christian beliefs. The story was twisted around enough that it managed to avoid creating a huge conflict with this idea. Actually, I feel that if you are Christian, this story can bring you closer to your faith because it really makes you aware of the suffering that Christ did as he was crucified.

If you enjoy books that are adventurous, yet still manage to have depth, this is the book for you.

Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views
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The Papyrus Document by Michael Cole needs to be read beginning on a Friday night, because it is a well written and very riveting novel.

Joel Gruber
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In his provocative new novel, The Papyrus Document, author Michael Cole dares to explore a highly controversial theme: the Marium-Jesus Theory, which postulates Jesus survived the crucifixion, traveled to India, and lived to a ripe old age.

A visibly shaken Pakistani archeologist leaves a set of biblical passages and a safe-deposit key with Natalie Rowe, a forensics pathologist, and confides in her that he has stumbled upon an ancient document which will shed light on a major Christian premise.

When he is murdered, Natalie and Mushtaq, his son, work feverishly to decipher the code in the biblical passages in an effort to locate the safe-deposit box and the mysterious document contained therein. Their search leads them to a sacred Muslim shrine in the Indian-occupied portion of Kashmir. An astounding discovery provides evidence that Jesus' remains are interred in the shrine. Had Jesus survived the Crucifixion?

With their lives suddenly threatened by Pakistani terrorists, they come to grips with the realization there are those who want the truth to remain buried. Thrown into the web of an explosive international political situation, Natalie and Mushtaq find time is clearly running out. The dramatic climax will leave you reeling.

In the book, Cole provides a wealth of information about the Muslim culture, and the background facts are cleverly woven into the story. You'll be entralled as he describes the once-peaceful serenity of the "Shangri-La of the East." He's clearly done lots of research.

The Papyrus Document is sure to test the limits of your imagination.



"A riveting tale that moves at lightning speed."
--- ForemostPress.com

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