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Local Radio Talk Shows/Book Signings

Two methods of promotion are local radio talk shows and book signings. Make your name known and get people talking. Word of mouth!

To make the latter more profitable, we offer the best author price we're aware of, 50% of retail. To get this price, you need to order a minimum of 10 copies. We'll then simply add the actual charges for shipping UPS to your front door.

Use The Trunk Of Your Car

John Grisham got his start selling his first book out of the trunk of his car. He held book signings in public parks, cut deals with local bookstores, volunteered to speak to anyone who would listen, and in general did all possible to promote his book.

Our author price, 50% of retail (on a minimum order of 10 copies), allows you to do the same. And you tuck all profits into your pocket. Why not give it a shot? Tuck a few copies in the trunk of your car, and see what you can pull off. Apart from increased recognition, this sort of thing can be a lot of fun.



Notes On This Page

Business Cards Work

Business cards are cheap. Print up a bunch with your name, the name of your book, and a website URL for more info and purchase. Leave a few wherever you go. Under the sugar shaker in a coffee shop, and so forth. If you can, ask a supportive shopkeeper to leave a few on his counter by the cash register. Business cards are sticky. Folks tend to collect them.


Want To Check Out a Fellow Author?

Send us the title of any book on our site, and we'll forward a .PDF copy to you. The idea behind this is to see if we can learn a bit from each other. We hope you find this helpful.

.TIF Logos For Book Covers

If an artist is doing your book cover for our publication program, download the file below and pass it on. It includes a small .TIF for the spine and a larger one for use on the back cover. Also included is the "sticker" to be used on the back cover. The file is 436KB.


Logo Images Available for Your Website

These images are no help with covers. We have the .TIF files for this purpose.

To save an image to your disk...

  • Right click the image

  • Select Save As
  • Change the name to suit
  • Click save to save it to your disk.

If instructions are not clear, please contact us. We'll help.

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50x61 pixels



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75x92 pixels



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