About Charles King

Charles is a talented fellow with lots of finely honed skills. We enthusiastically recommend his book design services to all, whether you are working with us or with another publisher. For one thing, he's the best, a professional in all respects. And he's easy to work with. What may matter more, you'll be delighted with the results.

Charles has degrees in literature and music. When he finished graduate school, he joined forces with Lightning Source, Inc. Here he was influential in establishing many fundamental policies still in place. And he came to fully understand this branch of the printing world.

Charles now owns Cox-King Multimedia (CKMM), a graphic design shop specializing in paperback and hardback book design. He and his team are committed to the idea that each book is unique.

While Charles frequently works with Lightning Source, he also works with other printers, including ReplicaBooks and BookSurge. His work also runs beautifully on an offset press.

Trained as a singer, he continues to participate in various choral groups as time permits. He lives in Geneva, New York with his wife, Erika, and two young sons.


Contact Info

Charles King
Cox-King Multimedia
PO Box 909
Geneva, NY 14456
(315) 719-0141


More About Covers

Below is a cover Charles did for Michael Cole. It looks a bunch better on the finished book than it does here. This image is smaller. And there is no fuzz at all in the finished product.

Click here to see
book designs and
more covers on ckmm.com


The Procedure

It all begins with a quote. Click here to visit Charles' site and enter the required information. Be as complete as possible in describing your needs. Changes and/or additions may add to cost. If you are working with us, we'll forward a copy of your book. Else you'll need to do so, for his quote is based on the manuscript.

A book cover usually runs about $150, unless you have special needs. And it helps if you've an image or photograph that can be used as a background for the cover.

Typesetting a book of 50,000 words generally runs from $200 to $400. Again special needs such as drawings or tables, may shove the cost up a bit.

Charles does a good deal of editing and he's very good at it. But if there's more than a few things to be done, the cost rises quickly. As when submitting to us, it pays to have a well edited manuscript before contacting Charles. If you'd like some guidelines for polishing a manuscript, visit this page on Charles' site.

He offers a variety of font faces, not commonly available. All work well in print or on a monitor. He can prepare your work for both printing and conversion to an electronic format.

Charles has the very best tools for working with these fonts. He can handle all sorts of complex needs. Files he prepares meet the requirements for offset press runs.

What may matter more is that he can work with output from nearly any program on most any computer. PCs or MACs. Files from Word, WordPerfect, and others. This means you can devote your time to writing, and leave the rest to Charles.

Our printer can handle black and white illustrations and drawings within your book. But apart from the cover, color won't do. If you need color with the book content, you'll need to use an offset press.

NOTE: If you only need a great book cover, Charles is your best choice. As above, contact him for a quote. He does an excellent job grasping the essence of your book, and wrapping it with a cover. Something like adding beautiful ribbons to a wrapped package under the Christmas tree.




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