Publishing Agreement

Print this form, provide required
information and mail to:
Foremost Press
7067 Cedar Creek Rd.
Cedarburg, WI 53012

I, ________________________________________, as the author

of_____________________________________________________, grant Foremost Press, Inc. ("FP") the non-exclusive right to publish the above title and sell it on my behalf.

Either I or FP can cancel this agreement without cause, by giving 120 days notice sent via email, in which case the license between myself and FP herein shall terminate.

To the best of my knowledge the content of the above title does not infringe upon any copyright and does not contain libelous, defamatory, pornographic material, or formulas or instructions that might be injurious.

My royalty will be 20% of the retail price of any hard copies sold through the FP web site, and 50% of the net sales proceeds collected by FP for all other types of sales, including sales via wholesalers and all electronic book sales. All royalties will be paid to me 15 days after the calendar quarter in which FP received payment. Payment will be drawn on a U.S. bank and paid in in U.S. dollars.


(Author Signature)		 


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Hopefully this simple statement is clear to you. We are not asking for any ownership rights, only your permission to sell the version(s) of your book that we produce for you.

As an additional clarification, the ISBN we supply is used strictly to identify the publisher, and thus the source of the book. It does not relate to rights in any way.

You can at any time republish your book in any way you like. For the ISBN only identifies the edition or version of the work. If you have five versions out and about, each might have its own ISBN.